5 Pool Cleaning Steps

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Scottsdale, AZ swimming pool service contractors are usually busy year round because manyswimming pool owners in Scottsdale, AZ use their pools all 12 months. Swimming pool maintenanceand service doesn’t have to be a difficult task, especially when you contract with a Scottsdale, AZ swimming pool service contractor to take care of your pool to keep it clean and clear year-round.

Here, though, are 5 common swimming pool cleaning and maintenance mistakes many Scottsdale, AZ swimming pool owners make:

  1. Not monitoring your swimming pool water chemistry on a regular basis. The chemicals should be monitored at least twice a week in the summer and once a week in the winter. If you’re doing it yourself, yourScottsdale, AZ swimming pool contractor can tell you the correct levels and will help you keep it in balance.
  2. YourScottsdale, AZ swimming pool contractor will work to keep your pH levels in check. Maintaining the pH levels helps the swimming pool’s chlorine do its job and keep your pool water clean and clear.
  3. Theswimming pool water alkalinity needs to be kept between 80-140 parts per million. If the balances get above or below, the water quality suffers and the pool’s sanitizer won’t work effectively.
  4. Total dissolved solids (TDS) need to be checked regularly. YourScottsdale, AZ swimming pool contractor will check the TDS at least twice a year and the water’s calcium hardness every month. Hard water can damage your pool equipment and cause calcification.
  5. If you are using achlorine generator to clean your pool with a salt water system, the cells need to be cleaned regularly. If the salt water cells get corroded or calcified, they will not work efficiently to produce chlorine to keep the water clean and bacteria free.

Because there is so much chemistry that must be checked to keep your swimming pool water swimmable and your equipment working efficiently, many Scottsdale, AZ swimming pool owners opt to contract the services of an experienced Scottsdale, AZ swimming pool service contractor.

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