5 Tips for a Crystal Clear Pool

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Scottsdale, Arizona swimming pool service techs know that having a swimming pool in your Arizona backyard is almost a necessity when summer hits. In addition to having hours of fun and entertainment around the swimming pool comes the need to keep it clean and bacteria-free and Scottsdale, AZ swimming pool service contractors can help!

Here are five ways your Scottsdale, AZ swimming pool service pros will work to keep your pool clean:

  1. Clean your filters regularly and make certain you replace the filter’s sand after no more than five years – the sand loses its roughness and cleaning ability as time and water erode it. Don’t backwash the sand too often. In addition to the filter, manually clean the pool with a vacuum in areas that may not have much water circulation – corners and hard to reach areas.
  2. Make certain you’re using enough chlorine to kill the bacteria and micro-organisms in the pool but don’t use to excess as it will irritate your skin and eyes and can lead to corrosion of your pools’ pipes. It’s best to use automatic chlorine feeders to gradually add the chemical to the pool.
  3. Regularly check the pH levels and the acidity or alkalinity levels of the pool. Maintaining the correct pH prevents the growth of bacteria in the pool.
  4. To keep your pool clean and clear and free of algae, add an algae inhibitor. There are three different types of algae that thrive in your Scottsdale, AZ  swimming pool– green, yellow and blue-green. These algae make the pool green and slippery. Keeping proper pH levels avoid algae from getting a foothold on your pool walls and floor.
  5. If your pool sees a lot of activity – and hopefully it will! – you will need to shock the pool regularly. You can purchase a pool shocking system from a local pool supply store or your pool maintenance professional.

Keeping your Scottsdale, AZ swimming pool clean and bacteria-free will ensure hours of fun and reduce the risk of irritants growing and possibly causing any of your swimmers’ to catch an infection.  While pool maintenance can be undertaken by the homeowner, it’s easier to hire a Scottsdale, AZ swimming pool professional to keep your pool sparkling clean so that all you have to do is sit back and enjoy it.

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