Amazing What Can Happen with Water Chemistry out of Balance!

 In Pool Care

Water balance and chemistry maintenance is crucial to keeping any pool healthy. Here we will help explain the importance of these pool care elements and what you can look for in your pool to identify water balance issues.

Mineral precipitation 2 Mineral precipitation 3 Mineral precipitation 1

Recently, a client requested our service for a low flow/high pressure concern with their cartridge filter. We found minerals precipitating out of the solution and depositing onto the pool surfaces including the cleaner and hoses. Mineral precipitation is not something to take lightly when it comes to your pool.

The calcium hardness was over 1300 ppm with a Saturation Index of +0.8 which is well above the level for scaling to occur. Scaling can appear as white residue on the walls of your pool or equipment. We suspect the filter cartridges are plugging with mineral crystals due to the high Saturdation Index.

Our recommended treatment included replacing the pool with fresh water and to manually clean the filters cartridges with a possible muriatic acid soak. The X-Men understand the importance of proper water chemistry & recommend treatments for over-saturated pool water.

Amazing what can happen with water chemistry!

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