Picking a Swimming Pool Contractor

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When you are looking for a reliable swimming pool service provider in Scottsdale, Arizona, then we’d love for you to consider our services. Hiring an experienced swimming pool contractor that offers a wide variety of services is very important to keep your swimming pool and spa clean, healthy and in optimal working order.

For our clients, we always offer the following services:

  • Weekly Cleaning including chemistry balancing
  • Equipment preventative maintenance
  • Equipment repair and installation with 3 year warranty
  • Single point of contact for all pool related issues and remodeling

It’s always important that you ask for referrals when selecting a contract and we at X-Pools are always happy to provide you with a list of references from clients that are extremely satisfied with our services. You can always take a look at our testimonials page and we are also proud that we have been an accredited Better Business Bureau member since April 2004 and carry an A+ rating.

We believe that the best service is provided to our clients on a weekly basis. Keeping up on your system is the most important part of pool cleaning and we strive to keep our client’s water as bacteria free as possible to protect the health of their pool’s swimmers.

Here are some of the services that you can also ask us about:

  • Energy efficient pump upgrades
  • PC, Tablet & Smartphone control systems
  • Ultra violet (UV) and Ozone systems (chlorine alternatives)
  • Solar heating systems

When you are considering a new pool swimming pool maintenance contractor, spend time interviewing a variety of companies to provide you with your pool cleaning services and pool maintenance before making any final decision to help you make the informed decision that will best suit your family and your pool’s health.

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions or to set up your appointment to meet with our Michael Dennis, X-Pools owner about how we can help you!

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